iPhone at a Glance
Status icons, Buttons, Multi-Touch screen, Accessories, iPhone overview.

Getting Started
Your iPhone name, International settings, Date and time, Sync with iTunes, iCloud, Manage content on your iOS devices, Apple ID, Set up mail and other accounts, Connect to the Internet, Connect to Wi-Fi.

Travel with iPhone, Charge and monitor the battery, Security, Privacy, Restrictions, Bluetooth devices, Use an Apple headset, AirPrint, AirPlay, Personal Hotspot.

Siri settings, Make corrections, Tell Siri about yourself, Make requests.

Phone settings, International calls, Ringtones and vibrations, Call forwarding, call waiting, and caller ID, Contacts, Visual voicemail, Phone calls.

Mail settings, Print messages, See and save addresses, Work with multiple messages, Attachments, See important messages, Finish a message later, Get a sneak peek, Write messages.

Safari settings, Privacy and security, Save a reading list for later, Avoid clutter with Reader, Fill in forms, Share what you discover, Keep bookmarks, Browse the web, Search the web, Safari at a glance.

Music settings, Home Sharing, iTunes Match, Siri and Voice Control, Genius—made for you, Playlists, Audiobooks, Album Wall, Browse and play, Get music.

Messages settings, Share photos, videos, and more, Manage conversations, Send and receive messages, SMS, MMS, and iMessages.

Calendar settings, Share iCloud calendars, Use multiple calendars, Invitations, Calendar at a glance.

Photos settings, Print photos, Edit photos and trim videos, Share photos and videos, My Photo Stream, iCloud Photo Sharing, Organize your photos and videos, View photos and videos.

Camera settings, View, share, and print, HDR, Take photos and videos, Camera at a glance.


Alarms and timers, Clock at a glance.

Maps settings, 3D and Flyover, Get directions, Get more info, Find places.

Videos settings, Control playback, Add videos to your library, Videos at a glance.

Use notes in multiple accounts, Notes at a glance.

Reminders settings, Location reminders, Scheduled reminders, Reminders at a glance.


Game Center
Game Center settings, Play games with friends, Game Center at a glance.


iTunes Store
iTunes Store settings, Purchase, rent, or redeem, Browse or search, iTunes Store at a glance.

App Store
App Store settings, Purchase, redeem, and download, Find apps, App Store at a glance.

Passbook settings, Passbook on the go, Passbook at a glance.

On the level, Compass at a glance.

Voice Memos
Move recordings to your computer, Listen, Record, Voice Memos at a glance.

Manage calls, Make and answer calls, FaceTime at a glance.

Contacts settings, Add contacts, Use Contacts with Phone, Contacts at a glance.


iBooks settings, Read PDFs, Organize books, Read a book, Get iBooks.

Nike + iPod
Nike + iPod Settings, Work out, Link and calibrate your sensor, At a glance.

Podcasts settings, Organize your podcasts, Control playback, Get podcasts, Podcasts at a glance.

Accessibility in OS X, Voice Control, Large phone keypad, Widescreen keyboards, Visual voicemail, TTY support, AssistiveTouch, Switch Control, Guided Access, Phone noise cancellation.

iPhone in Business
Apps, Network access, Mail, Contacts, and Calendar, iPhone in the enterprise.

International Keyboards
Special input methods, Use international keyboards.

Safety, Handling, & Support
Apple and the environment, Disposal and recycling information, Canadian regulatory statement, FCC compliance statement, Learn more, service, and support, Sell or give away iPhone?, Cellular settings, Update and restore iPhone software, Back up iPhone, Disabled iPhone.