VoiceOver can read aloud math equations encoded using:

  • MathML on the web

  • MathML or LaTeX in iBooks Author

  • Hear an equation. Have VoiceOver read the text as usual. VoiceOver says “math” before it starts reading an equation.

  • Explore the equation. Double tap the selected equation to display it full screen and move through it one element at a time. Swipe left or right to read elements of the equation. Use the rotor to select Symbols, Small Expressions, Medium Expressions, or Large Expressions, then swipe up or down to hear the next element of that size. You can continue to double-tap the selected element to “drill down” into the equation to focus on the selected element, then swipe left or right, up or down to read one part at a time.

Equations read by VoiceOver can also be output to a braille device using Nemeth code, as well as the codes used by Unified English Braille, British English, French, and Greek. See Support for braille displays.