• Make a FaceTime call. Make sure FaceTime is turned on in Settings > FaceTime. Tap FaceTime, then tap Contacts and choose a name. Tap the video button to make a video call, or tap the phone receiver button to make an audio call.

Cropped Contacts screen with FaceTime video and audio call buttons
  • Use your voice to start the call.  Press and hold the Home button, then say “FaceTime,” followed by the name of the person to call.

  • Want to call again?  Tap Recents, then choose a name or number.

  • Can’t take a call right now?  When a FaceTime call comes in, you can answer, decline, or choose another option.

Incoming call screen with buttons. Top row, left to right: Remind Me button, Message button. Bottom row, from left: Decline button and Answer button.
  • See the whole gang. Rotate iPhone to use FaceTime in landscape orientation. To avoid unwanted orientation changes, lock iPhone in portrait orientation. See Change the screen orientation.