A list of books in the library. Across the top are buttons for the store, collections, and editing the list. Across the bottom are buttons for sorting the list.
  • Organize your books with collections. Tap Edit and select some books to move them into a collection. To edit or create collections, tap the name of the current collection (at the top of the screen). Some built-in collections, such as PDFs, can’t be renamed or deleted.

  • View books by title or cover. Pull down on the list of books to reveal the controls, then tap grid view or list view.

  • Rearrange books. While viewing books by cover, touch and hold a cover then drag it to a new location. While viewing books by title, sort the list using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

  • Search for a book. Pull down to reveal the Search field at the top of the screen. Searching looks for the title and the author’s name.

  • Hide previously purchased books. To show or hide books you’ve purchased but haven’t downloaded, go to Settings > iBooks > Show All Purchases.