In addition to the built-in apps and the ones you get from the App Store, your organization may want you to have certain other apps. They might provide you with a pre-paid redemption code for the App Store. When you download an app using a redemption code, you own it, even though your organization purchased it for you.

Your organization can also purchase App Store app licenses that they assign to you for a period of time, but that the organization retains. You’ll be invited to participate in your organization’s program in order to access these apps. After you’re enrolled with your iTunes account, you’re prompted to install these apps as they’re assigned to you. You can also find them in your Purchased list in the App Store. An app you receive this way is removed if the organization assigns it to someone else.

Your organization might also develop custom apps that aren’t in the App Store. You’ll install them from a webpage or, if your organization uses mobile device management, you’ll receive a notification asking you to install them over the air. These apps belong to your organization, and they may be removed or stop working if you delete a configuration profile or dissociate iPhone from the mobile device management server.