• Browse your music by playlist, artist, or other category. For other browse options, tap More. Tap any song to play it.

You can listen to audio from the built-in speaker, from headphones attached to the headset jack, or from wireless Bluetooth stereo headphones paired with iPhone. If headphones are attached or paired, no sound comes from the speaker.

The albums list. The More button and Now Playing button are in the top corners. Tap an album to listen to it. Tap the More button to see additional browse options.
  • Tired of tapping More? To rearrange the buttons, tap More, then tap Edit and drag a button onto the one you want to replace.

The Now Playing screen provides playback controls and shows you what’s playing.

The Now Playing Screen. Back button in the upper-left corner; Track List button in the upper-right. Beneath the album art is a scrubber bar with playhead. The name of the song and the album appear below that. Playback controls are along the bottom. At the bottom are the Repeat, Create, and Shuffle buttons. Tap the Create button to create a Genius Playlist or an iTunes Radio station.
  • Display lyrics. If you’ve added lyrics to the song, tap the album cover to see them. To add lyrics, use the song’s Info window in iTunes on your computer, then sync the song to iPhone. (Lyrics aren’t supported by iTunes Match.)

  • Skip to any point in a song. Drag the playhead. Slow down the scrub rate by sliding your finger down the screen.

  • Shuffle. Tap Shuffle on the Now Playing screen to play your tunes in random order.

  • See all tracks from the album containing the current song. Tap the track list button. To play a track, tap it.

A portion of the Track List screen showing tracks for the current album cover. Tap the Rating button to rate the song for creating smart playlists in iTunes. Tap Done to return to the Now Playing screen.
  • Search music. While browsing, tap the status bar to reveal the search field at the top of the screen, then enter your search text. You can also search audio content from the Home screen. See Search.

  • Rate a song for smart playlists in iTunes. Tap the screen to reveal the rating dots, then tap a dot to assign a rating.

  • Get audio controls from the Lock screen or when using another app. Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to open Control Center. See Control Center.

Control Center audio playback controls. A scrubber bar and playhead across the top, and the song and album of the currently playing song appear above the playback controls. The volume control appears across the bottom.
  • Play music on AirPlay speakers or Apple TV. Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to open Control Center, then tap the AirPlay button. See AirPlay.