iTunes Match stores your music library in iCloud—including songs imported from CDs—and lets you play your collection on iPhone and your other iOS devices and computers. iTunes Match also lets you listen to iTunes Radio ad-free (see iTunes Radio). iTunes Match is offered as a paid subscription.

Note: iTunes Match may not be available in all areas. See

  • Subscribe to iTunes Match in iTunes on your computer. Choose Store > Turn On iTunes Match, then click the Subscribe button.

Once you subscribe, iTunes adds your music, playlists, and Genius Mixes to iCloud. For more information, see

  • Turn on iTunes Match. Go to Settings > Music. Turning on iTunes Match removes synced music from iPhone.

Note: Cellular charges may apply if iTunes Store is on in the “Use Cellular Data For” section of Settings > Cellular. See Usage information.

Songs are downloaded to iPhone when you play them. You can also download songs and albums manually—while browsing, tap the iCloud button.

Note: When iTunes Match is on, downloaded music is automatically removed from iPhone as space is needed, starting with the oldest and least-played songs. An iCloud icon (the iCloud button) appears next to removed songs and albums, showing that the songs and albums are still available through iCloud but not stored locally on iPhone.

  • Remove a song that’s been downloaded. Swipe left, then tap Delete.

  • Just show music that’s been downloaded from iCloud. Go to Settings > Music, then turn off Show All Music.

  • Remove iPhone from your list of “iTunes in the Cloud” devices. In iTunes on your computer, choose Store > View Account. Sign in, then click Manage Devices in the “iTunes in the Cloud” section.