Touch and hold a link to see the destination address, along with buttons for opening the page, opening it in a new page, adding it to your reading list, or copying the address.
  • Look before you leap. To see the URL of a link before you go there, touch and hold the link.

  • Open a link in a new page. Touch and hold the link, then tap Open in New Page. If you’d rather open new pages in the background, go to Settings > Safari > Open Links.

  • Browse open pages. Tap the pages button. To close a page, tap the close button or swipe the page to the left.

    To see a list of pages you have open on your other devices, tap the Pages button, then scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • Pick up where you left off. If you turn on Safari in Settings > iCloud, you can view a page that’s open on one of your other devices. Tap the pages button, then scroll to the list at the bottom of the page.

  • Get back to the top. Tap the top edge of the screen to quickly return to the top of a long page.

  • See more. Turn iPhone to landscape orientation.

  • See the latest. Tap the reload button next to the address in the search field to update the page.