You can adjust Safari settings to keep your browsing activities to yourself and protect yourself from malicious websites.

  • Want to keep a low profile? Turn on Settings > Safari > Do Not Track. Safari will ask websites you visit to not track your browsing, but beware—a website can choose not to honor the request.

  • Control cookies. Go to Settings > Safari > Accept Cookies. To remove cookies already on iPhone, go to Settings > Safari > Clear Cookies and Data.

  • Let Safari create secure passwords and store them for you. Tap the password field when creating a new account, and Safari will offer to create a password for you.

    The Safari secure password prompt.

  • Erase your browsing history and data from iPhone. Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History, and Settings > Safari > Clear Cookies and Data.

  • Visit sites without making history. Tap Private while viewing your open pages or bookmarks. Sites you visit will no longer be added to History on your iPhone.

  • Watch for suspicious websites. Turn on Settings > Safari > Fraudulent Website Warning.