Get the current temperature and six-day forecast for one or more cities around the world, with hourly forecasts for the next 12 hours. Weather uses Location Services to get the forecast for your current location.

Weather screen showing the city, current conditions, and current temperature, which you can tap for more info. Beneath is the current hourly forecast followed by the forecast for the next 5 days. A row of dots at the center-bottom shows the number of cities. Tap the Edit button in the lower-right corner to add or delete cities.

Swipe left or right to see weather for another city, or tap the info button and choose a city from the list. The leftmost screen shows your local weather.

  • Add a city or make other changes. Tap the info button.

  • Add a city:  Tap the add button. Enter a city or zip code, then tap Search.

  • Rearrange the order of cities:  Touch and hold a city, then drag it up or down.

  • Delete a city:  Slide the city to the left, then tap Delete.

  • Choose Fahrenheit or Celsius:  Tap °F or °C.

  • View the current hourly forecast. Swipe the hourly display left or right.

List of cities with the time and current temperature for each.
  • See all cities at once. Pinch the screen or tap the info button.

  • Turn local weather on or off. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. See Privacy.

  • Use iCloud to push your list of cities to your other iOS devices. Go to Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data, and make sure Documents & Data is on (it’s on by default). See iCloud.